Hi Ollie,

Firstly thanks for asking me to take a look at your batting last Thursday. I hope you took something beneficial away from the session that is going to enable you to score some more runs.

Session Review.

You told me that you were batting ok but often getting bowled and you would like me to have a look at your technique.

It became apparent after 20 or so balls directed at the stumps that the majority of balls were ending up on the leg side. This indicated to me that the bat was coming down from first slip direction. On closer inspection it was apparent that your grip was very tight on the bottom hand.

Here’s the video. It’s private so don’t worry about the oppo doing video analysis on you.

What we worked on:

A less aggressive grip on the bottom hand. A pinch was adopted that allowed the bat to come down much straighter.

Concentrating on a straight back lift.

Making sure that the bat comes down straight we talked about the ‘knitting needle’ drill and how the handle leads the shot.

I hope you enjoyed the session score lots of runs as a result.




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