In order to be successful in any chosen field, I believe that we need to follow this simple equation:


Bring these three to the party and great results are coming your way. However it’s not as easy as that! If it were, everyone would be successful, and quite simply, they’re not! So we need to break down each of the three factors and dig deeper to see what it is that makes each one so important.


As child or adult we need to find ourselves in the right environment at the right time. It’s almost like the stars aligning in order to provide us with a particular opportunity. An example of this could be being born into a sporting or musical family, having a teacher who has a particular interest in the arts or having a laptop with internet access so that you search particular information. This is not to say however, that you just wait for fate to take its course. On the contrary. Many successful people have made it their business to go and find opportunity; taking unpaid work in a particular sector or joining forums to set up relationships with similar minded people. There are opportunities all around us, every day, its just whether or not we identify them and decide to follow them up. School is a great example of this, how many students take education for granted and don’t see it as an opportunity to learn.


There is a difference between practice and deliberate practice. Someone who just simply practices runs the risk of practising the skill incorrectly. This will lead to to months of  habitual repetition that is very difficult to undo. Instead the practice needs to be done with a coach or mentor who can identify weaknesses early on and lead the student down the correct pathway. How many golfers do I see practising on their own just compounding their errors? The answer is almost every amateur golfer. They will improve but ultimately their errors will limit their potential to shoot low on regular basis. How many pros do you see practising on their own prior to a major championship – None! So if you are looking to improve in anything, swimming, golf, times tables, reading or getting into the property market, get yourself a mentor.


This is where many people fall. How many athletes or students are given things on a plate and also understand about how we learn? – lots. How many actually go on and succeed at a high level? – few. It is more often that not, a lack of motivation is the crucial factor missing. They stick at things for a short period of time but lack the true grit to persevere over a long period time. They may also be suffering from a ‘fixed mindset’. They believe that they were born with a particular talents and eventually they reach a ceiling of where these talents can take them. What they need to do is adopt a ‘Growth Mindset’ and approach all tasks as challenges that require time in order to complete. They answer failure with persistence and they always follow  the phrase “I can’t do it” with “Yet”

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Thanks Richard

2 thoughts on “Education

  1. I am also in the process of planning the development of GM in my school – would you mind sharing your your ideas of how to best roll it out and get staff on board?
    It would be much appreciated


    1. Hi Shaun, Thanks for visiting my blog. We are very much in the embryonic phase of rolling it out. We have a working group at the moment and I will be addressing the whole staff next week to let them know how Growth Mindset can be utilised in the classroom. Particularly how you talk to the children.
      To date we have have small piot groups of students and their parents and have had very positive feedback. The idea that all students and parents will have access to the workshops at some point.I have my binoculars on but I think I can see it happening in the distance.
      I’ll keep you updated


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