5 Ways to Trick Your Mindset

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If, like me, your learning experience through school developed a fixed mindset  i.e. you believed that your intelligence was a fixed trait with a ceiling that couldn’t be broken then it is sometimes difficult to break in to the growth mindset.

Here are 5 techniques that I use daily to break into a Growth Mindset:

  1. Listen to yourself – Is your self talk, talking in a fixed mindset way? Are you saying things like “I can’t do it” or “This is just too hard for me”. If you are then you need to change your self talk – add “Yet” to the above sentences and notice an immediate change in motivation

2 Stickability – (Not a word but I use it) When you are working on something that you can’t solve or it seems difficult, keep working on it after your fixed  mindset tells you to give up.

3. Practice it – You’re not going to learn something in one day. Tell yourself it takes time. Return to the problem or the skill day after day and in 30 days you will have noticed a huge difference since day one.

4. Just do it – To coin a phrase from the Nike advertising campaign “Just do it!” Many people with a fixed mindset will put off and put off because their fixed mindset is telling them that they may fail or it will take effort in order to complete.

5. Enjoy struggle – Many fixed mindets will turn off if they think something will take time. Enjoy the struggle of learning something. Its a great feeling when you accomplish something your fixed mindset has told you it was impossible

Take these 5 steps with you throughout your day and notice the impact it has on your life.


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My Miracle Morning


Does this sound familiar?

That selected wake up chime on your iphone,( yep!, that one that you thought sounded really tranquil, yep!, that one that you now hate with a passion) goes off at 07:00 and you just hit that snooze button and keep hitting it until you have to get up. Drag yourself into the shower, into you work clothes, ram down some breakfast, sort the kids out (if you have them) and get out the door, in the car and get to work in the nick of time and then just find yourself behind the 8 ball all day long. And that was how it was for me for years. Until recently……

On my drive to work the radio just wasn’t doing it for me. I started to think how my 25 min commute could be better and that’s when I discovered podcasts. I’m getting into the property market and discovered a great podcast called, The Property Podcast. Its a show hosted by two great guys Rob Dix and Rob Bence. They guided me through my first purchase and without their guidance and encouragement I don’t think that purchase would have been made.

On one of their weekly shows they mentioned a guy called John Lee Dumas. Apparently he had his own daily podcast show called Entrepreneur on Fire. From my first listen I was hooked. On each show he interviews different entrepreneurs and to date has over 1000 shows. WOW!  I enjoyed going to work each day. He is very entertaining, funny and whilst listening, I was learning and being inspired!

One of his guests was a guy called Hal Elrod – he had written a book called the Miracle Morning and John Lee Dumas was going crazy about it and saying how it had transformed his life. During the interview, Hal was basically saying if you want energy and focus in your everyday life don’t do exactly what I was doing. I thought what the hell, lets give it a go.

So, I set my alarm for 6am. The alarm went off and I got out of bed, put my trainers on, plugged my headphones into  my iphone, found my preloaded EoFire podcast and headed out for a 30 minute walk. When I came home the house was still silent, I made my coffee, put my eggs on and found that I had peace. I thought about what my day entailed and how I was going to tackle it. Later I would download an app called the the 5 minute journal. I take time to note down what I am going to do in the day and what I am thankful for.

By the time I ready to go to work I felt great, I had a spring in my step that lasted throughout the day and I also found myself smiling more and also being more tolerant. It was life changing.

I also noticed that my fitness was improving, I was clocking up steps for fun. Before 7am I had achieved between 4000 and 5000 steps. I was burning calories right from the word go and it felt great.

I do it virtually every day and on the days I don’t… I feel like crap.

Try it tomorrow….

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